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hudson valley seeds variegated nasturtium seed pack

Variegated Nasturtium


Hudson Valley Seed company takes breeding to an art form.  All of their seeds are open pollinated on their upstate New York Farm, all heirloom, organic and never GMO.  Each year they do an open call for artists to design their beautiful packaging.

Everyone loves nasturtiums. Their profuse, round leaves and cheery, flat-faced blooms serve as a wonderful easy-to-grow ground cover. The leaves of this variegated variety are mottled white and green, while the flowers are deeply-hued pastels. The combination is a striking one, and its visual charms alone make it worth growing. But don't just look, taste! Â Nasturtiums are delicious: use the peppery leaves and flowers to enliven salads, and pickle the immature seeds as a substitute for capers!