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Wild Arugula Greens

Wild Arugula Greens


Hudson Valley Seed company takes breeding to an art form.  All of their seeds are open pollinated on their upstate New York Farm, all heirloom, organic and never GMO.  Each year they do an open call for artists to design their beautiful packaging.

What makes one plant tame and another wild? People have co-evolved with plants over thousands years. We have changed plants and they have changed us. Many of our sweetest foods are the most cultivated. But some plants have held onto the spicy, spiky, and wild ways they use to ward off hungry creatures that might browse” and destroy” them. Wild Arugula is right on that cusp, tame enough to be delectable, and wild enough to keep our taste buds on their toes.

If you already like arugula, you'll like wild arugula even more. If you already dislike arugula, well, steer clear. Wild arugula has an amplified arugula flavor, while its smaller leaves and pretty color make for a refined impression. Grab a small handful and toss chopped into a salad.