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Camp Montauk Candle

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Camp Montauk Candle


Burnwell Illuminaries are handmade, fine wax candles inspired by the exquisite nature of imagination, the textures of foreigns lands, the discovery of aromatic places in time, both past and unknown. 

My memories of childhood dance with visions of our weekend trips to Montauk point.  There was a spring welling up, excitement & that feeling when you are about to see the ocean.  Its everlasting blue, expanse that, for me, has always invoked a feeling of comfort & wonderment.  As we walked down the dirt trail, I could hear the waves sullenly crashing over the rocks out there.  The gorgeous tunnel of wild rose, juniper & beach plum made the air fragrant & mixed with the briny, freshness of the ocean.  We spent most of day discovering the creatures that inhabited the tide pools.  We ate lunch on the rocks & my mother called me over every so often to reapply sunscreen.  When the sun was setting you could smell campfires from off in the distance, starting up.  The perfect end, to the perfect day at Camp Montauk.

Scent Notes: wild beach rose, juniper berry, beach plum, campfire

8oz frosted whiskey tumbler, cotton wick with approx. 50hrs burn time

Ingredients: eco-soy wax, yellow beeswax, essential oils, natural resins & fine fragrance