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Mariner Deep Candle

barnaby black

Mariner Deep Candle


Burnwell Illuminaries are handmade, fine wax candles inspired by the exquisite nature of imagination, the textures of foreigns lands, the discovery of aromatic places in time, both past and unknown. 

Set sail in fathoms blue, where the deep turns black like the night sky.  On a ship, glistening with the diamond light of the setting moon, navigating the Pacific, around the horn of worlds away, with a bounty of spice & exotic wood, we head towards daylight, a forgotten horizon, soon to be discovered.  We look ahead for the promise of an ocean view, cradled by her cold embrace - deep fathoms over this relentless blue light of the fat, full moon.

Scent Notes: dark water, sea salt, Pacific kelp, lava rock, ambergris

8oz frosted whiskey tumbler, cotton wick with approx. 50hrs burn time

Ingredients: eco-soy wax, yellow beeswax, essential oils, natural resins & fine fragrance