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Sargasso Sea Candle

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Sargasso Sea Candle


Burnwell Illuminaries are handmade, fine wax candles inspired by the exquisite nature of imagination, the textures of foreigns lands, the discovery of aromatic places in time, both past and unknown. 

The Sargasso Sea is mysterious & enigmatic.  A sea caught in the throws of the Atlantic Ocean.  The spinning gyre, where tiny creatures unlike anything else on Earth call home.  There are places here, heavenly, living on the edge of divinity, thriving with beauty & green life.  Blooms of perfume, soaking the air with fruit & dark spice.  Follow me to the Sargasso Sea, this place of perfect beauty.

Scent Notes: Tasmanian eucalyptus, gardenia, lemon blossom, beach heather

8oz frosted whiskey tumbler, cotton wick with approx. 50hrs burn time

Ingredients: eco-soy wax, yellow beeswax, essential oils, natural resins & fine fragrance