About Us

Our founder Rebekah Harris spent the better part of her twenties learning jewelry making, welding and blacksmithing in both New York City and England, before bringing her two decades of experience to the East End and opening Shipwreck Montauk in 2018. Our retail space has an expansive view of Montauk’s fishing harbor and doubles as our workshop where we create a large portion of our house jewelry line. Located near Gosman’s Market and beloved local dive The Dock, Shipwreck Montauk offers a full line of nautical-themed fine jewelry, hostess gifts and vintage treasures like cufflinks, belt buckles and records. We create custom bridal jewelry for brides, grooms and wedding parties. We also carry the best candles, incense and greeting cards in Montauk. Interested in more than retail therapy? We offer three-hour workshops in jewelry making as well.

Like a treasure, lying on the bottom of the sea for hundreds of years our jewelry is made to last—to that point we do not use gold fill or gold plated metals. In our quest to create affordable heirlooms, we only work in sterling silver and 14k to 18k recycled gold, and use vintage hand cut diamonds and ethically mined domestic sapphires.

As a jeweler, Rebekah Harris looks to the sea for inspiration and casts her visions in silver and gold. Shipwreck Montauk features collections drawn from ocean lore—whether it be from explorer’s logs contained in musky history books, or the magical and sometimes mythical creatures said to inhabit the watery depths. For her signature piece, the Spanish Galleon Ring, she uses the ship as a metaphor for the adventure of life—it’s the vessel by which we avert disaster and discover treasure. Many of her pieces are molded from the flotsam and jetsam she finds during her treks along the misty shores of her favorite waterfronts. Bones, shells and exoskeletons are reclaimed from the sand and reimagined in precious metals.

At Shipwreck Montauk we believe that immersing ourselves in history helps us navigate the future.